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Meet Your Sitter

Jessica, pet sitte, dog walker, cat sitter, hous sitter

Jessica B.


I'm an experienced pet sitter who has always had a love for furry creatures. I grew up with numerous animals as part of my own family, and continue to extend my care and affection to animal members of my clients' families. 

I have worked with rehabilitated and abused animals, anxiety-prone animals, senior animals, and animals in need of medicinal care. Through my experience as an animal volunteer in a No-Kill shelter, I have also worked with animals in need of increased socialization, intense understanding, and have learned to provide care to animals of all personalities, shapes, and sizes. 

I am also a bonded and insured Pet Sitting Associates (PSA) member, ensuring that both your pet and your home are covered through any emergencies and immediate care needs.

If there is one thing that I have learned through working with animals, it's that no animal is the same. All animals need personalized care from someone that not only understands but is also happy to tend to their needs and wants, giving peace of mind to everyone in the family. 

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