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The services provided are based on various factors and individual cases. The prices listed are regular base pricing. 
Please see below for additional policy information.

Initial Consultation (New Clients Only)

An initial consultation via text, email, or phone call is required prior to an in-person meeting to introduce pets to me. 

In-person meetings are required for key pick up, finalization of dates, introduction and walk through of animal and household routines, and introduction to pets. 

All keys must be tested and in working condition, and updates to keys and entrances must be sent to me via email or text message. 

It is strongly advised to have written instructions of your preferences to provide to me for safe keeping. All notes provided will be kept on file for all clients and referred to frequently before each assignment to ensure proper refresh of your pet's particular needs and tastes. As changes occur in routines, such as medications and special needs, updates to notes will be taken automatically and kept on file.

The initial consultation is free to my clients as a courtesy.

Returning Clients

Notes are kept on file for all clients and updated as necessary. It is strongly recommended that any changes in your pet's routines should be reported to me as soon as possible for proper care and love of your furry family member(s).

No in-person meetings are required for returning customers as long as keys are still valid. Dates for future bookings may be sent via text or email. Please allow for up to 48 hours in response for confirmation of dates or more information on if certain dates and times are already booked and any potential arrangements can be made to accommodate your needs.

For Dog Walking clients:


It is suggested to send a general work schedule for the upcoming week for dog walking clients. This allows for proper planning of walking arrangements. For regularly recurring walking windows and schedules, only updates on changes for the upcoming week is suggested if the windows are differing for that week due to special occasions such as holidays and days off.

Dog Care

Dogs give us all such joy. They explore this world with fresh eyes, give unconditional love, and feel it acutely when we are gone. I will maintain their usual routines to make sure that they have that same sense of normalcy that they are used to. Playing, head scratches, the occasional treat, and plenty of walks will keep your dogs happy, stress free, and well cared for while you are away. 


$20 per visit for up to 2 dogs - this includes feeding, medications, a quick walk or backyard time, snuggles, and a check around the house. 

$5 per additional animal after the first 2 dogs. 

*Please see Dog Walking Prices for just dog walking services

*Please see Overnight Care rates for all animals.

Dog Walking

January 01, 2020

This service is specific to day time visits for dogs, and includes water breaks and waste pickup. This does not include any feeding, medications, or additional needs other than a walk outside in the fresh air. 

$15 for up to 2 dogs for a 30 minute walk.

$25 for up to 2 dogs for a 1 hour walk.

Cat Care

Felines are delightful creatures with unique personalities and, at times, delicate tastes. They can be stressed far more easily than dogs with changes to their environments, as a homestead is usually what their whole world consists of. By keeping your cat safe and sound in their home, I will keep up with their regular routine, whether it's petting their tails first and then their heads, feeding them a chicken dinner out of a crystal bowl, or turning on the faucet for them to take a sip, rest assured that your kitty will be taken care of with minimal stress added to their environment. 


$15 per visit - includes feeding, cleaning the litter box, and giving additional play and cuddles to your felines (up to 2 felines).​

$5 additional charge for each cat after 2 cats.

*Please see Overnight Care rates for all animals

Reptiles & Small Mammals

Not everyone owns just a cat or dog. Some people own sugar gliders, birds, ferrets, fish, turtles, rabbits, snakes, chameleons, and other small creatures. Everyone deserves love and care, no matter how small, scaly, fluffy, nocturnal, or long. 

$15 per visit per every two animals

Additional $5 per visit for each additional animal

Overnight Care

Some animals just need that company when the sun goes down. I have worked extensively with anxiety-driven animals that need that warm, loving human companionship late at night. I have worked with animals that are used to snuggling up with someone in bed all night long, and leaving them alone in their doggy beds all night would just be too much of a change, even for a couple of nights. 

Whatever the reason may be for having someone spending the night with your furry loved ones, booking Overnight Care service will guarantee prolonged attention and personalized care to your pet 12+ hours a day. 

For all overnight care assignments, the rate is $60 per night for up to two animals. 

A fee of $10 for each additional animal after two animals will be applied. 

It is advised to book overnight care as soon as possible. The more advance notice, the better to ensure that your spot is reserved during in-demand periods, such as the holidays and during the summer months when vacations occur the most. 

*Please see cancellation policy for more information

Cancellation Policy

A cancellation policy is enacted only for overnight care. 

There is no cancellation fee for dog walking and regular midday visits.

Due to the time necessary for early booking and scheduling required for Overnight Care, there will be a $50 cancellation fee for any trips that are cancelled 1 week before the scheduled services. For trips that are cancelled within less than 1 week, a 50% cancellation fee will be applied. For cases where trips away are cut short and the services are terminated early, there will be a 50% cancellation fee applied to the remaining nights of the agreed upon service. 

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